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.925 sterling silver 'petal style' cross pendant with peridot center. rose quartz cabochon softly squared or rounded edging large stone visible inclusions in sterling silver 1-5/8" award winning solar plexus design chakra pendant 2 rings of Saturn with citrine center and 6 surround faceted stones
Rose Quartz Pendant
Price: $60.00
Chakra Pendant
Price: $65.00
Sterling silver peridot looped end cross pendant Impressive Rose Quartz pendant Award winning, solar plexus design
faceted gemstone chakra pendant stacked shapes of oval cushion round triangle stones in sterling silver 2-1/4" druzy quartz pendant. Titanium plating radiates blues and purples.  Sterling silver mount 1-1/2" dendritic opal pendant aka merlinite cabochons in milky white with black splashes form a scenic image 1-1/2" in .925 sterling silver.
Chakra Pendant
Price: $69.00
"totem" pendant .925 Sterling Silver Drusy Agate Pendant. Chain not included. 1/14" (Merlinite) pendant
Druzy quartz, free-form angular shaped pendant.  Iridescent blues with white topaz filigree topper.  backside is filigree and quite beautiful. 1-3/4" in sterling silver setting. chakra gemstone pendant in sacred pyramid star of David mandala formed sterling silver 1-5/8" Druzy quartz round flat pendant.  Titanium plating yields flashy deep blues in sterling silver setting, 1-1/2".
Chakra Pendant
Price: $89.00
.925 Sterling Silver Druzy. Free-form Agate Druzy with White Topaz crown. Elegant filigree on back, see photo. 1 3/4"  Flashes blue and gold. Sacred Pyramid Star of David .925 Sterling Silver Druzy Quartz.   Filigree setting.  Chain not included. 1-1/2" Flashes in blues.
Druzy spirit quartz titanium plated pendant.  Shaped like a pendulum, flashing blues, gold, and purples.  Sterling silver top disc attached to crystal ending in a faceted point. black kyanite with titanium oxide plating creating rich iridescence of blues and golds stunning with faceted green kyanite topper in sterling silver 3" amethyst cluster points with Herkimer diamond top accents, .925 sterling silver earrings 1-3/4"
Price: $89.00
.925 Sterling Silver  1-1/4"  Flashes gold, blues and purples. feather dancer pendant Rough Amethyst cluster
sugelite cabochon pendant swirly purples softly squared with faceted amethyst crown in sterling silver 1-7/8" labradorite cabochon pendant horizontal oval stunning iridescence of vivid blues 1-1/2" cuprite cabochon oblong shaped pendant red black and green colors in .925 sterling silver 1-3/4"
Sugelite Pendant
Price: $96.00
Labradorite Pendant
Price: $99.00
Cuprite Pendant
Price: $105.00
Rounded corners with faceted Amethyst Peacock blue Labradorite pendant Cuprite (Sonora Sunset) pendant
black kyanite with titanium oxide plating creating rich iridescence of blues and golds stunning with faceted orange kyanite topper in sterling silver 1-3/4" azurite cabochon with malachite swirls teardrop sterling silver pendant 1-3/4" larimar pendant in a squared shape crowned with rainbow moonstone teardrop and faceted blue saphire round
Azurite Drop Pendant
Price: $120.00
Larimar Pendant
Price: $125.00
Black Kyanite feather dancer pendant Azurite with Malachite Larimar with sapphire and moonstone accents
clear quartz faceted oval stone with 14 pink tourmaline surrounding pebble stones 2-1/4" commanding piece faceted clear quarz round with mixed color tourmaline pebbles surrounding 1-1/2" large piece in .925 sterling silver.
Faceted Clear Quartz oval, with Pink Tourmaline Round, faceted Clear Quartz with multi colored Tourmaline