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pink tourmaline earrings, 1-1/4" PINK TOURMALINE & GARNET

Pink Tourmaline with Garnet tops

Price: $32.00
labradorite square cabochons with oval rainbow moonstone tops drop earrings sterling silver 1-1/4" LABRADORITE WITH MOONSTONE TOPPERS

.925 Sterling Silver Earrings. Labradorite squared cabochon with oval moonstone topper.
1-1/4" at wire.

Price: $39.00
blue lace agate oval cabochons with rainbow moonstone tops in sterling silver earrings 1-1/2" Blue Lace Agate Earrings

9.25 SterlingSilver Blue Lace Agate earrings with Rainbow Moonstone accent. 1 1/2" at wire.

Price: $49.00
thulite shield shaped cabochons dangling from faceted Herkimer diamonds 1-7/8" .925 sterling silver. THULITE WITH HERKIMER DIAMONDS

.925 sterling silver earrings, featuring Thulite with Herkimer diamond topper.  Also called Rosaline.  1-7/8/" at wire.

Price: $52.00
rose quartz soft squared cabochon with round rainbow moonstone earrings in sterling silver ROSE QUARTZ WITH MOONSTONE

.925 sterling silver, rose quartz and moonstone cabochons earrings. 1-1/2" at the wire.

Price: $59.00
dendritic opal earrings aka merlinite cabochons in milky white with black splashes form a scenic image 1-1/2" in .925 sterling silver. DENDRITIC OPAL (MERLINITE) EARRINGS

Dendritic Opal, cabochons with faceted Spinel gemstone accents.

Price: $60.00
Moldavite Earrings with Herkimer Diamond MOLDAVITE & HERKIMER DIAMOND

Herkimer Diamond with Moldavite 1-1/2"

Price: $79.00
shatakite earrings elongated with faceted blue apatite oval tops very showy striations 1-1/2" SHATTAKITE WITH BLUE APATITE

.925 Sterling Silver, Shattakite earrings with faceted Blue Apatite toppers.
1-1/2" at wire.

Price: $79.00
black kyanite with titanium oxide plating earrings creating rich iridescence of blues greens and golds stunning with faceted orange kyanite topper in sterling silver 2-1/4" BLACK KYANITE FEATHER EARRINGS

.925 Sterling Silver, Black Kyanite plated with Titanium Oxide. 2-1/4"
I may be able to get another pair, please call if interested or email.

Price: $90.00